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[PREORDER] 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour DVD

[PREORDER] 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour DVD, for more details you can look details:


1. Details : 2 DVD + Photobook (280 pages)

DVD 1 :
2PM “HANDS UP” ASIA TOUR in Seoul (120min)
1. Hot
2. Electricity(220v Remix)
3. Hands Up
4. 너에게 미쳤었다
5. 기다리다 지친다
6. Move On (우영, 준호)
7. I Can’t
8. Give It To Me
9. Dance2Night
10. My Valentine (닉쿤, 택연)
11. Revenger (찬성)
12. I’ll Be Back
13. 니가 밉다
14. Alive (Jun. K)
15. Without U
16. Only You
17. 모르니
18. 10점 만점에 10점
19. Again& Again
20. Don’t Stop Can’t Stop
21. Heartbeat
22. Thank You
23. 10점 만점에 10점(Remix)
24. Hands Up(Remix)

DVD 2 : 2PM “HANDS UP” ASIA TOUR Making Film (106min)
1. In Seoul
2. In Taipei
3. In Jakarta
4. In Singapore
5. In Kuala Lumpur
6. In Bangkok
7. In Nanjing
8. In Hong Kong

Harga : Rp 525.000,00
(exclude shipping fees to your home)

Closed PO : 27 Januari 2013

How to order:
you can fill the form >>

Thank you =]

PS: If you have question you can ask
via: worldkhun


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