Event 2PM

[EVENT]130314 White Day Postcard from 2PM


Khun: Enjoy my love candy~ ♥

Chansung: Hottest 4th! You’re not lonely on White Day because you have 2PM, right? ^-^ Be always happy!♥

Junho: Oh dear, it’s so sweet~ ♥

Wooyoung: This is my heart. Take it. ButterFly Candy~

Taecyeon: To Hottests! Happy White Day!

Jun. K: Let’s eat tasty candies and be happy all of us ♥ Happy Whiteday.

trans indo:
Khun: Nikmatilah permen cintaku ~ ♥

Chansung: 4tahun Hottest ! Anda tidak kesepian di White Day karena Anda memiliki 2PM, kan? ^ -! ^ Jadi selalu berbahagialah ♥

Junho: Oh, itu begitu manis ~ ♥

Wooyoung: Ini adalah hatiku. Ambil saja. Permen BUTTERFLY ~

Taecyeon: Untuk Hottests! Happy White Day !

Jun K: Mari kita makan permen lezat dan bahagia kita semua ♥ Happy Whiteday.

cr : 2pmalways
translate: Big Hottest – 2PM Community


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