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[NEWS] 2PM moved by Chinese Hottest surprise at the airport



Pada tanggal 30 Maret, 2PM mengadakan Konser di Guangzhou, China. Setelah malam sukses diisi dengan pertunjukan besar 2PM dan dukungan hangat Hottest, 2PM meninggalkan Cina tapi kehangatan terjadi di Bandara.

Cina Hottest berkumpul di bandara. Hottest menyanyikan “I Can’t” . 2PM melakukan bow setelah Hottest bernyanyi untuk mengekspresikan rasa terima kasih mereka. Para member mengupadate di akun jaringan sosial mereka dan berbagi kebahagiaan mereka.

[Weibo] khun Saya sangat tersentuh di bandara, hari ini. Terima kasih untuk menjaga janji Anda, saya tidak akan pernah lupa.

[TWITTER] RT @ taeccool Guangzhou! I cant melupakan cinta Anda Tidak peduli berapa lama aku akan menunggu Anda untuk datang kembali ~

cr : It’s 2PM Hottest

trans english:

[NEWS] 2PM moved by Chinese Hottest surprise at the airport.

On the 30th of March, 2PM held their much awaited Concert in Guangzhou,China.After a successful night filled with 2PM great performances and Hottest warm support,2PM left China but the heart warming experience just got better.

As Chinese Hottest flocked at the airport, and as the boys arrived for their flight. Hottest sang “I Can’t” which is loudly heard and the fanchant after. 2PM bow down after Hottest sang to express their gratitude. Also members came to their social network account and shared their happiness.

[WEIBO] KHUN I was very moved at the airport, today. Thank you for keeping your promise, I will never forget.

[TWITTER] RT @taeccool Guangzhou!! I cant forget your love No matter how long it takes I’ll wait for you to come back~

Watch the heart warming Video here >>


Posted: Admin Alexander (@JRalxzander1411)
Credit Note: to Various Photo and Video Source.


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