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[INFO] SBS Inkigayo Ranking System! #2PMGrownComeback


Digital Sales 50%
SNS (Youtube Views, Me2day,Twitter &Facebook Popularity) 30%
Online Votes 20%
**Take Note of Inkigayo SNS 30% Details:
Youtube 40% (70% Views 20% Comments 10% Like)
Twitter 25% (30% Mentions, RT 30%, Search 40%)
Facebook 15% (35% Comments ,35% Share ,20% Like ,10% Poke)
Me2day 20% (50% Search, 30% Comments,20% Like)

So if you have Youtube, Twitter & Facebook account, Please Kindly help to
Like, Share, Comments, Poke for FB*
& Mention, ReTweet, Search For Twitter*
& Watch, Comments, Like for on Official Youtube Videos* ^^

If you were to have Me2day, Do So as well ^^

All This will help 2PM to have higher chances to Win on Music Shows !

If you can, Please *Support 2PM by buying their 3rd Album Legally ^0^

cr: Kai2dayeo2pm


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