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[Lyric] Go Back – 2PM “3rd Korean Album” (Korean, Romanization, English Translation)

2PM Go Back Lyrics English Translation 고백
Words of I love you just doesn’t mean anything anymore
I don’t look forward to a kiss with you anymore (oh no)
We’re both too tired
(Because we don’t want to understand) when one gets closer the other backs off (why)
As I see you changing (I hate you for that) so
At least today erase me Baby just let me go
I miss that feeling of anticipation, not you I need somebody to love
I wanna go back I’m sory at this moment
I wanna go back I return to the time before I knew you
I think it’ll slowly become drier like this
It feels like I’m walking through a hazy fog
We’re both too tired
Even if we’re together there’s not a single word, why
As I see myself changing I hate myself for that so
Baby let me go just like this
I’m not the person you wanted
Even now I’m chocking, I’m drying up
Our love is now but a memory
I want to go back to the time before I knew you
To the time when I was fluttery with a new meeting
I’m sorry but I want to be happy
I wanna go back
I return

Romanized Lyrics
saranghandaneun mari ijen wa dahji anha
neowaui ipmajchumi deoneun tteolliji anha (oh no)
seoroga jom manhi jichyeosseo
(ihaehagi silheoseo) dagaseodo mulleoseo(waeirae)
byeonhaeganeun neoreul bomyeonseo (geureon niga miwoseo) geuraeseo
oneulmankeumeun nareul jiwojwo baby just let me go
neo anin seolleimi geuriwo I need somebody to love
I wanna go back mianhae jigeum isungan
I wanna go back neol algi jeone geuttaero na doraga
ireohge jogeumssik memareul geosman gata
heurin angae sogeul geotgo issneun geot gata
seoroga jom manhi jichyeosseo
duri gati isseodo mal hanmadiga eopsgo waeirae
byeonhaeganeun nareul bomyeonseo geureon naega silheoseo geuraeseo
baby idaero let me go
niga wonhadeon sarami anya jigeumdo
nan sumi makhyeoga memallaga
ijen uri sarang chueogil ppun ijanha
doragago sipeo neol algi jeoneuro
saeroun mannameuro seollessdeon geuttaero
mianhae hajiman na haengbokhago sipeo
I wanna go back
na doraga

Hangul Lyrics

사랑한다는 말이 이젠 와 닿지 않아
너와의 입맞춤이 더는 떨리지 않아 (oh no)
서로가 좀 많이 지쳤어
(이해하기 싫어서) 다가서도 물러서(왜이래)
변해가는 너를 보면서 (그런 니가 미워서) 그래서
오늘만큼은 나를 지워줘 Baby just let me go
너 아닌 설레임이 그리워 I need somebody to love
I wanna go back 미안해 지금 이순간
I wanna go back 널 알기 전에 그때로 나 돌아가
이렇게 조금씩 메마를 것만 같아
흐린 안개 속을 걷고 있는 것 같아
서로가 좀 많이 지쳤어
둘이 같이 있어도 말 한마디가 없고 왜이래
변해가는 나를 보면서 그런 내가 싫어서 그래서
Baby 이대로 let me go
니가 원하던 사람이 아냐 지금도
난 숨이 막혀가 메말라가
이젠 우리 사랑 추억일 뿐 이잖아
돌아가고 싶어 널 알기 전으로
새로운 만남으로 설렜던 그때로
미안해 하지만 나 행복하고 싶어
I wanna go back
나 돌아가

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