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[Official/Scans] Shukan Josei – 11/3 issue (-CS)

10537036_902033186498632_323987419436233451_n 10854993_902033069831977_7727548067071667194_o

12063555_902033073165310_280869563743805734_n 12108717_902033179831966_4243190686586965557_n 12112021_902033076498643_9188392456164421115_n 12122538_902032953165322_2880870355673319610_n 12143140_902032939831990_1862039445780203629_nScanned by 25gentian.

Scanned by 25gentian.



I'm a Girl and I Love Rains, line 92, I'm Loyal for 2PM, Fandom Hottest since 2009, All KPOP not different for me but 2PM is My Destiny.

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